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Coaching Services


Free Discovery Session

Book a free 45 min Discovery Session to discuss your goals, give us an opportunity to get to know each other and experience my coaching style as well. After the session you can make an informed decision if you would like to have further coaching with me. 

Maternity/ Paternity Coaching 

Are you expecting a baby and struggle with an idea of leaving your job and adapting to a completely different life ? Or are you planning to go back to work and you don't know how to organize childcare, work effectively, manage family life and deal with your emotions?

During our coaching sessions we can work on:

  • stress and time management,

  • your values and self-awareness,

  • goal setting,

  • work-life balance,

  • mindfulness,

  • and many more.

We can easily tailor a number of sessions and duration to suit your busy calendar. 

Woman at Work

Career Coaching 

Career coaching is not only about writing CVs, updating LinkedIn and practising interview skills. It starts from the moment when you notice that your current work place is not for you or when unfortunately you are made redundant and you need to deal with a roller coaster of emotions. Within this service we can work together on your:

  • values and self-awareness,

  • career preferences,

  • dealing with change,

  • resilience, 

  • starting a new job,

  • and many more.

We can plan a programme of sessions to maximize your chances to find the best career solution for you. 



Executive and Business Coaching 

Have you ever asked yourself:

'How am I going to complete this task, satisfy my boss and my team and ideally not sacrifice my sleep or other private commitments'?


'How am I going to create new solutions for my business,  launch new products, build a customer base when my family life is so busy?'

If you are a leader/ a manager/ an individual contributor or a business owner, you probably know the feeling of being pulled in different directions and not knowing where to start. This coaching service is for You.


       We can work on:

  • resilience,

  • stress and time management,

  • leadership styles,

  • conflicts,

  • stakeholder management,

  • confidence,

  • work-life balance,

  • and many more.


Together we will create the best plan for  you - a number and duration of sessions that suit you best.

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