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"The personal (and professional) benefits gained from coaching with Angelika were invaluable, almost immediately I felt relaxed with her style. The techniques she introduced me to helped me reach sound conclusions on issues I was dealing with and I got real outcomes that I could implement in my day to day life. She provided a voice of reason and helped me take ownership and action for things I probably knew deep down but had buried and ignored for far too long! Thank you, Angelika, for all your support and guidance."


"Angelika was a massive support to me as I prepared for and embarked upon a promotion as a Head of Department in a Senior School. I was coming into the role with a sense of 'imposter syndrome'and I was really seeking ways to build confidence in myself so that I could develop trust and confidence in me as a leader from my team. She is an extremely intuitive and perceptive listener and asked astute questions which led me to come up with strategies myself to practise. It was amazing when we came to the end of our sessions to look back and see the progress I had made and I could not have taken those steps forward had it not been from the coaching I received from Angelika. She would be an asset to any team, employer or employee as a coach or mentor and she has a genuine desire/vocation to see her clients grow. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services."


"I can’t thank Angelika enough for our sessions. I started the journey confused and lacking in confidence and self worth. Talking openly to Angelika felt like a relief. I feel like her approach led me to untangle my thoughts to enable me to get to a clear vision of what I wanted my professional and home life to look like. Her calm and warm demeanor put me completely at ease. I felt no judgement and supported; like I had someone else on my “team”. I finished our sessions with an increased sense of self worth, a specific understanding of my goals and how to achieve them. I felt like a weight had been lifted. Thank you so much Angelika! My life has completely changed for the better because of you."


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